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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares


Lisbon-based musician Moullinex, artist Bráulio Amado and director Bruno Ferreira set out to make a film within the restrictions we’re living in as a framework for self expression. Using only binoculars and an iPhone, the film was entirely shot from inside a car and captures performances from people living in social isolation, inside their windows, balconies or roofs. The soundtrack was then scored to this film by Moullinex in his home studio, with vocals added by GPU Panic.

The film was shot in Lisbon during the first week of April, and after several media outlets describing the country’s fast response to the pandemic as the Portuguese Miracle, it now stands as a message of resilience and hope.

Fado Para Esta Noite

It’s with immense pleasure that we have finally put out 'Fado Para Esta Noite', the wonderful new collaboration between Xinobi & Gisela João. Proof that Electronic Music and Fado can, and in this case should, go hand in hand. It’s truly magical, dig it and listen at the link below.



Director and Editor | Lydie Barbara

Director of Photography | Soraia Rego

Camera Assistant | Filipe Palha

Color Grading | Marco Amaral

Sound Design | Bruno Cardoso

Production | Lydie Barbara, Rodrigo Candeias


Thanks to | Frederico Serra, Andreia Nunes, Sandra Tomé, José Tiago, Paulo Segadães, Gonçalo Santos,  Inês Eva, Maria João Schreck, Joana Candeias