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Sonata "Póstuma"

Yuja Wang and Kavakos Leonidas at Carnegie Hall in 2014.

From All Music:

Ravel's so-called "posthumous" sonata, rather than having been penned from beyond the grave, is of course an early work not published until 1975, long after the composer's death. Not to be confused with Ravel's much better known G major sonata from 30 years later, which melds blues with neo-Classicism, this compact, one-movement sonata in A minor from 1897 adheres to the classic exposition-development-recapitulation-coda sequence. It shows the strong influence of Fauré and Franck, yet also uses a harmonic and melodic language Ravel would later make his own in his Piano Trio and String Quartet. The first theme, heard without introduction, is sinuous and dreamy; the second theme, brought in after a short piano solo, is smoother, broader, and at times vaguely Oriental, while still almost passing for Fauré. The coda, after a condensed recapitulation, is particularly chromatic, as if it were plucked from Franck's more famous violin sonata.



From The New Yorker:

The arresting photograph that was chosen out of the hundreds, possibly thousands, of pictures Dukovic took of Yuja at the piano and, later, in the first-floor showroom, posed full figure in front of a piano with its lid up, represents her as no concertgoer has ever seen her. The wild disorder of the hair has never been seen in a concert hall. (Yuja’s hair tends to stay in place throughout the most rousing of her performances.) And the foreshortened, oversized hand is an obvious deviation from the consensus we call reality. Will Yuja cringe when she looks at the photograph? Or will she see it as expressive of her impudent, defiant nature and find in it, almost hear in it, an echo of her incomparable musicality?


Yuja does Rach Two

Yuja Wang plays Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Opus18


I. Moderato 0:35
II. Adagio sostenuto 11:23
III. Allegro scherzando 22:25


Yuja Wang, piano // Yuri Temirkanov, conductor // Verbier Festival Orchestra.


"Good old Rachmaninov! The Second Piano Concerto: it never fails!", as Mr. Sherman so succinctly puts it in Billy Wilder's "The Seven Year Itch".

Se tudo correr bem...

...em princípio de Abril vou ver e ouvir isto na Gulbenkian. Uma nota breve só para dizer que a temporada de piano da Gulbenkian é de nível mundial e inclui, entre novos e menos novos, nomes absolutamente extraordinários. Yuja Wang será só mais um.

Yuja Wang has been playing the Say/Volodos paraphrase on Mozart's Rondo 'Alla Turca' for a while now, but recently she performed it in front of the Berlin Philharmonic in Berlin, which means that we can all now marvel at her virtuosity in high-definition. Enjoy!