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The Childhood Of A Leader

The Childhood of a Leader is a 2015 historical mystery drama film, written, produced and directed by Brady Corbet, and is Corbet's feature film directorial debut. It is loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre's short story The Childhood of a Leader, published in 1939 as a collection of short stories titled The Wall, and John Fowles's 1965 novel The Magus. Corbet co-wrote the screenplay with his wife Mona Fastvold, and filmed both an English and a French language version.

Apart from Corbet, Chris Coen from Unanimous Entertainment, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre from MACT Productions, Helena Danielsson from Hepp Film and Istvan Major also served as producers on the film.

The film chronicles the childhood of a fascist leader during World War I. Production began in early 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.The film had its world premiere in-competition (Horizon section) at 72nd Venice International Film Festival on 5 September 2015 and won two awards at the festival; Best Debut film and Best Director.



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