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The Wallace Collection

Já fui a Londres mais vezes do que devia mas há sempre coisas que ficam para trás. Desta vez, aproveitei para descobrir a Wallace Collection, um pequeno museu (à escala dos que há na cidade, bem grande para a escala portuguesa) de entrada gratuita em Marylebone, logo ali adiante da loja da Monocle, com uma coleção admirável mostrada num cenário fantástico. Ainda por cima, pode fotografar-se. É claro que me detive em pormenores de Canalleto a Rembrandt a Fragonard e outros que tais. O texto abaixo, do excelente site do museu, apresenta-o. O vídeo ajuda. As fotos que se lhe seguem são algumas das que fiz.


The Wallace Collection is a national museum in an historic London town house. In 25 galleries are unsurpassed displays of French 18th-century painting, furniture and porcelain with superb Old Master paintings and a world class armoury.

The Wallace Collection is a national museum which displays the wonderful works of art collected in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by the first four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace, the son of the 4th Marquess. It was bequeathed to the British nation by Sir Richard's widow, Lady Wallace, in 1897.

Displayed at Hertford House, one of the family's London properties in the nineteenth century, the Wallace Collection presents its outstanding collections in a sumptuous but approachable manner which is an essential part of its charm.

It is probably best known for its paintings by artists such as Titian, Rembrandt, Hals (The Laughing Cavalier) and Velázquez and for its superb collections of eighteenth-century French paintings, porcelain, furniture and gold boxes, probably the best to be found anywhere outside France.

Less well known is that the Wallace Collection features one of the finest groups of princely arms and armour in Europe and, alongside this, you can enjoy splendid medieval and Renaissance objects, including Limoges enamels, maiolica, glass and bronzes.


Discover the Wallace Collection from The Wallace Collection on Vimeo.

Discover the Wallace Collection with this short film exploring the highlights of the Collection