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Throes + The Shine - Guerreros (feat. La Yegros)

Wanga will come out on the 20th of May through Discotexas (Universal/!K7). It's the third record by Throes + The Shine and it was produced by Moullinex in Lisbon, Portugal, the place where world music meets electronica right now. Guerreros is the second single anticipating it, a summery jam enriched by La Yegros, an Argentinian singer with an infectious and joyful voice that takes this tune into another dimension.

Shot & Directed - Tiago Ribeiro
Editing - Gonçalo Verdasca
Graphics - Gonçalo Ribeiro
Production -
Styling - Barbie Doll Marketers

Music: Throes + The Shine
Lyrics: Throes + The Shine & La Yegros