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Top of the Lake: China Girl

Top of the Lake is a mystery drama television series created and written by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, and directed by Campion and Garth Davis. Its first season aired in 2013, with the second season, entitled "China Girl", set to air in 2017. It marks Campion's first work for television since An Angel at My Table in 1990. The series follows Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), and Season 1 deals with the investigation of the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl in New Zealand. Season 2 will be set four years after the events of Season 1 and will be set in Sydney, as Robin investigates the death of an unidentified Asian girl found at Bondi Beach. Top of the Lake was co-produced for BBC Two in the UK, BBC UKTV in Australia and New Zealand, and Sundance Channel in the United States.