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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

We Were Beautiful

Life experienced at different speeds as the city wakes up over a Saturday morning.
Filmed throughout Glasgow, from Crookston in the south-west, through the City Centre to Easterhouse and Cranhill.


Made by: Blair Young
Filmed by: Michael Sherrington, Nick Aiton & Blair Young
Focus Puller on studio shoot: Clyde Jones
Camera Assistant: Marie Liden
Production: Olivia Reitala, Beth Allan for The Forest of Black
Colourist: John Sackey

Sita Pieraccini
Natali McCleary
Katharine O’Donnelly
Titana Mthui
David Gourley
Blair Mackinnon
Ellanor & George Herron
Flore De Hoog
David McCallum
Leo & Dara

With thanks to: Kelly McAllister & Broadcast, Victoria Black & Remake Remodel, Kinning Park Complex, David Gourley, Sarah Martin, Calumn Shearer, Kate Cotter and David Archibald.