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What Can't You Say?

Este texto é longo e muito, muito variado. Gente de todo os cantos do mundo (é redondo, eu sei) foi desafiada pelo casal maravilha Neil Gaiman e Amanda Palmer: "Writers, activists and public figures from around the world respond to NS guest editors Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s request to reveal the thoughts they leave unspoken."

Mas o Nick Cave, o Nick Cave eu não resisto a citar, sucinto e direto ao assunto:

The lovely thing about the unsayable is that it is unsaid. As soon as it is said, it is sayable and loses all its mystery and ambiguity. Art exists so that the unsayable can be said without having to actually say it. We cloud it in secrecy and obfuscation. The mind is free to roam and all things can be imagined, under the cover of darkness. How nice that is. The unsayable. How tired we are of having things explained to us. Having things said. How nice it is, when people just shut the fuck up.

E o cartoon é do André Carrilho.