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luís soares

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Wolfgang Tillmans - Device Control

Directed by Wolfgang Tillmans
Edited by Michael Amstad
Filmed by Wolfgang Tillmans, Jay Pluck, Kyle Combs at Studio G, Brooklyn and by Michael Amstad at Trixx Studios, Berlin as well as by Anders Clausen, Wolfgang Tillmans in Memphis, TN


Device Control
Vocals, lyrics, melody by Wolfgang Tillmans
Keyboards, harmonies, arrangement and drum programming by Tim Knapp at Trixx Studios, Berlin
Intro: all instruments and production by Kyle Combs, New York
Live drums by Rosie Slater recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn
Additonal arrangement by Kyle Combs, Jay Pluck and Wolfgang Tillmans
iPhone voice recording at Keithstrasse, Berlin and book binding machinery recording at Grafica Maiaduoro, Porto by Wolfgang Tillmans
Mixed by Alexis Berthelot, assisted by Matt Labozza at Studio G, Brooklyn
Mastered by Klaus Knapp at Trixx Studios, Berlin
Written and produced by Wolfgang Tillmans, 2016