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Work it Out

Moullinex - Work it Out (ft. Fritz Helder)


Directed by João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Performance by Aurora Pinho
Production Design by João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Edited by Francisco Costa
Production by Moullinex and GOD
Post Production by Rui Clara Gomes
Make Up by Jorge Bragada
Thank you: Teresa, Daniel, Bruno, Lydie, Joana, Tiago, Kiki, Kikas / Teatro Praga

Filmed with a smartphone.


Once we fully accept who we are, how much does external acceptance still matter?
João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira believe in pushing the limits to find out. In order to work one’s s**t out, one must be defied to move past acceptance, onto understanding.
To do so they invited Aurora Pinho, a transgender performer from Portugal, to take matters into her own hands and wander and gentrified streets of downtown Lisbon with a mission. A quite ballsy one.

Following the footsteps of the video for “Love Love Love”, Moullinex continues to explore the space between music video and social experiment. During our daily lives we are able to move within safe pockets of inclusion, such as a nightclub or a carefully curated social network, and feel relatively safe and accepted in our echo chambers of like-minded people. But how much can we expand this bubble until we run into a radically different view from ours?
The crew had their share of bigotry, homophobia and passive-aggressive remarks during the guerilla-like shooting of the video. As the song says, “these streets ain’t kind to no one”.